Saxon received his Int'l Championship with 4 BEST OF BREEDS then
 Went on to win two GROUP 2 placements!
Saxon shown above winning Best Of Breed
Saxon shown above winning two Group 2 placements
Saxon takes first place in his class. Pictured at 9 months.

Saxon goes Winner's Dog at 11 months

Saxon 15 months

 Merlin show Best of Winners, 17 months

 Merlin show Winner Dog and Best Of Winners, 17 months.


Saxon show at 18 months

Saxon Reserve at the Brush Prarie show

Winners Dog and Best of Winners Brush Prarie

Winners Dog and Best Of Winners  Brush Prarie

Saxon, Best Of Winner Eugene.
Saxon going B.O.B over Specials
Gallatin Dog Club
Saxon going B.O.B over Specials
Gallatin Dog Club

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