Our newest additions.
CH River Wood's Big Busta (of Mt. Storm) X Stonehaven's She Nobody's Fool

photo by Varva Photography

Maddie is out of the Bus X Roxie breeding shown at 2 years

Below STONEHAVEN'S Crimson Tide  (Hudson) 8 weeks Hudson is our of Saxon & Sabra
Owned and Loved by Megan and Nick.

Hudson first show 6 months!


Poetry 5 months & Saxon 3 years

Saxon 6 months, Sabra 3.5 year hanging out in the yard

Pillar and Biggs on the way home from the
2006 Specialty


The following pictures are Roxie with her new buddy Vegas.
Roxie 3 years, Vegas 4 months.


Pleasantview moonstone lady sequoia at 4yrs. this is the grandma to the pups
 from Roxies litter the pillar pup apricot pup and the velvet revolver brindle pup.

Sabra at the beach... 4 years

Saxon and Sabra at the beach


Saxon 14 months




8 week old pups romping in the snow

Gallery II



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Laura Olsen
 Sandy, Oregon

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