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OFA Good OFA elbows
OFA  patellas OFA Heart
cysternia Neg from U-penn
& DNA Marker 1-1
cerf and AKC DNA

Judah is available for Stud to approved bitches of merit.

23 months 262 pounds.

Judah is a true Mastiff. He is HUGE MASSIVE BONE HEAD. He is true to the type in every area. He is a BOMB proof dog. His temperament is one of the best I've ever seen. Everyone who meets him is always just in awe of his massive size and his kind heart!!. He is sweet and kind to all. you can do anything with him take him anywhere. He is a great dog who is kind, loving and truly secure in himself and he is never mean. Now, I'm sure he would protect his family if ever needed. But thank God its not been needed!!!. Judah has produced some AWESOME litters with our own girls and some nice outside girls!!. We are so proud of his wonderful offspring

Judah finished his Championship with 4 majors and he also moved up to special at the show and he took SELECT DOG both days over some of the top ranked Mastiffs!!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF HIM!!. WE are going to let him mature a bit more even though he is 230lbs at only 14 months of age!!. WE will still keep showing him monthly to achieve his GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP as in his first two days as a special he already has won TWO of Three needed Majors towards his Grand Championship!!!. HE will be coming back out at about 2 yrs of age as Special with his wonderful pro handler Ed Thomason. Right now he is still such a puppy and he has SO MUCH MORE growing and maturing to do!!. We want to let him mature some more!!. WE are just so excited about Judah and what he will be like at 2 and 3 yrs of age. HE is so amazing already!!. We will be adding some new pictures of him soon as he matures!!. We love to share his growing up with all of you!!.Judah also is fully health tested and has produced some awesome litters!. Judah is available for Stud to approved bitches of merit.

Judah is the boy we have been waiting for. he is truly just amazing his bone is enormous as is his headpiece he has a rock solid top line and his rear is just awesome. We are so so pleased with him and he is only a puppy now!!.
The following pictures are of Judah at 23 months.  He is 262 pounds.
Stonehaven Mastiffs The Main Attraction Stonehaven Mastiffs The Main Attraction
Stonehaven Mastiffs The Main Attraction Stonehaven Mastiffs The Main Attraction
Stonehaven Mastiffs The Main Attraction Stonehaven Mastiffs The Main Attraction
 Stone Havens Main Attraction
10 months and 214lbs 
Judah finishing his Championship!   Judah Best Of Winners 12 Months
New Chamption! Judah Best Of Winners 12 Months
Judah Best of Winners Judah  8 Months
10 months and 214lbs  


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