Important Mastiffs and stories from their families!
We hope you will enjoy reading stories from our extended families.

STONEHAVEN 'S DETOUR TO GREATNESS at 17 months, with his family the Martinezs

Laura and Tim of Stonehaven Mastiffs are awesome Mastiff Breeders. They truly care about their dogs. The pedigrees and lines are second to none.  They have truly bread to improve the breed and with one of their pups you are assured a champion weather it be in the show ring or just a pet that is the champion of your heart.  The temperaments of these dogs is great.  My boy Dewey had a bit of a detour in his life.  While Laura and Tim do their best to place the dogs in the best homes sometimes it does not work out as was the case for my dear sweet Dewey.  Despite the situation he was in and experiences he had when I adopted him at 15 months he proved to still be the sweetest most gentle, silly, funny, boy in the world.  He has no qualms around children and loves them all!!  He has brought such joy to our lives that I can't imagine life without a Mastiff now that I have one I will never be without!   When you get a puppy or a older dog as was my case, you also get Laura and Tim for the life of you dog and beyond.  They are only and or a phone call away if you should have a question or concern.  They provide a huge packet filled with information on how to feed, groom etc...your pup. They are truly loving  Christian people.  This is not a puppy mill but a great home filled with Mastiffs that are loved and part of the "family"

Gayle and Joey Martinez, Hudson Colorado

We are happily owned by "Stonehavens Detour to Greatness" aka "Dewey"
We are the proud owners of Shaq a huge 185lb Nine month old English Mastiff. We got him from Stonehaven Mastiffs when he was only 8 weeks old and he has been part of our family and lives ever since. The puppies from Stonehaven are some of the most beautiful puppies we have ever seen. also includes the most beautiful parents. They do not have any diseases. The parents are fully tested.  Many of them are Champions. The puppies are well fed and taken care of. Our puppy was 26 lbs when we got him!. They have a nice temperament,  Well socialized, love children, enjoy being around people, very gentle, not agressive at all. Great coats and colors and just the overall conformation of the puppies is impressive. We did a lot of research before gettting one and Stonehaven Mastiffs was at the top of our list. We would recommend to anyone to get a puppy from Stonehaven Mastiffs. You would not be dissapointed. The puppies will grow to be huge and the most lovable dogs you will ever have the pleasure to own and be with. And on top of that you have the experience and knowledge of Laura Olsen to help you raising your dog.  Laura, is always willing to help when needed. And that is something you do not get all the time from other breeders. And even if you do not have any issues, she loves to just hear about them anyway!.

Fernando Alegre
Sonia Romero

To whom it may concern:

Working with Laura Olsen on obtaining a Mastiff has been a pleasure! She is extremely knowledgable about the breed and is very cautious on choosing a family for her pups. I had so many question when I contacted her and she never made me feel as if I was a bother or had a dumb question. I think there may have been one or two question that she did not have an immediate answer for. At that point she found the answer within a day or two and got back to me or put me in contact with someone who could answer my question. She guarantees her puppies but in the same token expects you to uphold your end of the contract and raise them as one of your family with the utmost care and respect for your Mastiff. We personally have Sarge, our beautiful 17 month old mastiff, on a health care plan and he sees his physician on a regular basis. He just had his dental cleaning apt and every 6 month health check up. Everything was perfect and I have Laura to thank in large for that for her exceptional breeding and care of her dogs. Everyone I come in contact with wants to take Sarge home and wants to know where I got him and everything about him. She has helped make this experience so wonderful for us and showed us that owning a mastiff is a wonderful pleasure that we are currently in the process of obtaining a female Mastiff to compliment Sarge. I would like to thank Laura for her professionalism and her understanding of the breed and her compassion toward
other people and her Mastiffs.

Joshua & Julia Keith & Sarge
Having been involved with purebred dogs for over 30 years, I can say, without hesitation Laura ranks as one of the best breeders out there.

Her dedication to the breed, responsibility for the health and well-being of her dogs and offspring, availability to newcomers, and genuine concern for each and every pup she places from the moment they leave their nest, throughout their lives, defines Laura’s integrity.

It is both a privilege and honor to own one of Stonehaven’s Mastiffs, who is the sweetest, gentlest and healthy dog in the world. Thank you, Laura for bringing “Bustah” into our lives.
Warmly, Carol

Dear Mrs. Olsen,
I am writing to you today to tell you how delighted we are to have found Stonehaven
Mastiffs, and in particular, our wonderful dog, Stonehaven’s Miyamoto Musashi, “Moose.”
Prior to Moose, we have owned three mastiffs from two different breeders, and Moose is
without question, the finest dog we have ever owned. His temperament, build, coat, health –
everything is perfect. It is obvious that your breeding program has been very successful.
In addition to providing excellent animals, you also have been an invaluable information
resource for us on any number of topics ranging from feeding, grooming and training, to
diagnosis and suggested remedies for mastiff-specific ailments. You provide feeding
programs that accommodate a range of budgets, all of which supply necessary nutrition. Your
advice and guidance while Moose was growing through his awkward puppy stages prevented
us from having to rely on trips to the veterinarian. Your ability to identify various conditions
and recommend simple at-home treatments is amazing and highlights the fact that you really
know your mastiffs. We will certainly purchase our next dog from Stonehaven Mastiffs. We have mentioned you to a number of our family, friends and colleagues, and we would be happy to serve as a positive reference to any of your prospective clients.
Martin Wolf

Excerpts from the MCOA FAQ's:      

Many people ask are Mastiffs

Good guard dogs?

Mastiffs are excellent guard dogs. They go to the door and bark, their hackles stand up, and they look formidable, but Mastiffs, as a breed, are not trigger-happy. They have a gentle, rather than an aggressive, nature.

Mastiffs need the company of their human family much more than some other breeds of dogs do. A Mastiff left alone, tied out, or kept in a fenced yard with too little human company, will either pine away or develop destructive behaviors out of loneliness and anxiety. Denied the needed time with its family, a Mastiff may be much LESS protective because it isn't sure it belongs to that family. 

A normal, well adjusted Mastiff will protect it's family, but only if the need arises. You don't want an aggressive Mastiff that protects you from friends and family. The ideal temperament is one where you never know that you are being protected unless a true situation arises where a Mastiff's services are needed.


Mastiffs ARE protective. However, many people do not understand the difference between protection and aggression. If a dog growls when there is no danger, that is aggression, NOT protection. A protective dog has the judgment to see when there is a real risk of danger, and therefore, if you have a TRULY protective dog, you may never know it till you ARE in danger.

The protective instinct is shown in subtle ways, such as the Mastiff tending to stand between their person and a stranger. Many people who have kids discover that they can't spank a kid in front of the Mastiff -- it looks worried and gets in between the parent and child! Couples who sometimes play-wrestle together have reported their Mastiff trying to stop them for fear it is a fight



Life's Abundance Dog Food

We at Stonehaven Mastiffs truly believe in only the highest quality nutrition for our Mastiffs. We believe that all pets need to be fed food that comes from a company that has only our pets best interest at heart. Every item that goes into each bag of food is made from the VERY best ingredient's. All human grade. All holistic All organic ingredient's. If you'd like info on the wonderful food that Stonehaven Mastiffs feeds please click here 


Laura Olsen
 Sandy, Oregon

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